The new brand FABRICOLOGY it is a revolutionary concept at national and European level.
The product portfolio of FABRICOLOGY brand that is over 670 fabrics meeting the requirements of the European Anti fire standards.

The fabrics are made of Trevira CS fibers and have the certifications as:
M1, B1, C1, EN 2021/1-2, CRIB 5, IMO Res. A652(16)Part 8, IMO Res. A471 (XII) Part 7, BS 7176.
This wide range of certifications is recognized throughout Europe. They also have certifications “Confidence in Textiles” and “Ecolabel”.

Thanks to an innovative method of twisting the fibers we obtain a tissue mimicking natural fibers. Although the fabrics are made of synthetic fibers, they remind cotton or wool without losing their strength. The beautiful and the technical blend in the latest products that are resistant to fire, smoke, wear, light and stains. They are also easy to maintenance.
The Fabricology signed tissues may find use in the whole Europe in all interiors like: public places, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, boats. FABRICOLOGY distributes fabrics to furnish offices, theatres, meeting rooms or domestic interiors.